Tilo has been developed over the last 12 months as part of the Digital RnD fund in the arts. The collaboration was led by media artists MeYouandUs, with technical and strategic support from digital agency Amaze and digital signage company Pixel Inspiration.

The Institute of Consumer Psychology used quantitative methods to understand the publics flow and behaviour before and after the introduction of the TILO system. The Creative Exchange at Lancaster University took a more qualitative arts research perspective on how an arts organisation might take advantage of smart screens in these spaces to explore new marketing, branding, social and curatorial approaches to public engagement. The system is being piloted in FACT Liverpool and Phoenix Leicester.


We want Tilo to become the industry standard system for digital screens in cultural venues. To create a network that can share a library of innovative digital projects to engage and communicate with their visitors in new ways.

For Tilo to commission artists to create new and showcase existing work. Especially with interactive and personalised projects that engage audiences and venues over time.


The Digital R&D fund

Across the diversity of the arts and cultural sector, there is great interest in how best to use digital tools to do things differently and do things better. Nesta, Arts Council England and the Arts and Humanities Research Council created the Digital R&D fund to support innovation in the Arts, TILO was one of the projects supported by this fund. The system is being piloted in FACT Liverpool and Phoenix Leicester.