Tilo basics

Tilo basics

The initial install of the video wall at FACT, waiting an extra bit of rigging around the screens to enable additional sensors and cameras to be mounted

Tilo is fully operational !!

The development phases is now over, we will be monitoring and tweaking and probably optimising the code to increase its robustness and reliability. 

We have 90% of the functionality we originally scoped out and quite a bit of additional functionality that has been added along the way. 

We have three artist projects confirmed for the next couple of months and another artist is using the system as a basis for a proposal. The ease with which these projects integrate, will be a good test for us. And its not just from a technology perspective, Opening up a cultural venues public spaces to mini interactive art projects has added a political dimension to the project as it involves getting approval from marketing, estates, research and artistic staff.

We have put together a pamphlet that gives an overview of Tilo



Tilo phase 2 personal layer

Had a hardware glitch, so this should have been presented on the video wall setup. Using a leap and a 3d camera to provide gesture and scanning features to the video wall. In this example showing how visitor’s can leave their handprints as a way to encourage them to become part of an arts venues community. They receive a QR code and a unique number as a way for them to log on to the site and start a dialogue.

Tilo phase 2 video wall test setup of video playlist and live weather display

Tilo phase 2 video wall test setup of video playlist and live weather display

Eventual install will be 4 x 47 inch ultra slim bezel LCD screens.
Showing the video playlist and live weather display (uses a hardware temperature sensor, localised BBC weather feed and time used to link key words to flickr images based on searching groups with relevant weather and time tags, ie sunset , evening, rain, thick cloud, sunny etc.)



Emergency compliment

You rarely have to go to the bathroom when you fly in the window seat.

Sometimes you need someone to tell you it’s ok.
Sometimes you need someone to tell you your breath smells great
Sometimes you need someone to tell you you were spellbinding in your high school production of Grease.
Sometimes you need a website to tell you that