“Matt from Rspberry pi was sending pictures and excited snippets of text back to Pi Towers all through the event, and then, when he got home, shared this video. I’ve been so excited about it that I’ve had it playing on repeat, and we all thought you’d like to see it too.

This is a demo of a Raspberry Pi robot working with Google’s Cloud Vision API – and it’s got such potential for your projects.


Art For Your Office

“We all know that a happy work place is a productive one and adding artwork to your office walls can have a truly transformational effect. Whether you want to bring a personal touch to a waiting room, or create a sleek office or boardroom, choosing the right art for your office has never been more important.

Art serves many positive purposes in the work place and can inspire your team to do great things. It sends the right message to clients when they visit for meetings and is always a talking point. In addition, DegreeArt works with talented emerging artists who, by simply hanging their artwork on your walls, could become the art stars of the future.”