How emotion tracking can help brands create marketing that resonates

Ocean Outdoor’s digital display in Birmingham can monitor passers-by

“Catherine Morgan, head of creative solutions at Ocean Outdoor, says the technology is 98% accurate on gender and between 85% and 90% accurate on age groups. Advertisers can then set a threshold to say they only want their ad shown if the audience is 60% female or 40% over the age of 30.”

Jason Bruges talks about media architecture

ason Bruges is an award-winning designer and creator of interactive installations across architecture, brands and art. In this video he talks about his work and his take on media architecture.
The next Media Architecture Biennale takes place in Aarhus, Denmark on November 19-22 2014. Have a look at

Testing, Stream project with Karen Wood and Ben Lycett


Testing, Stream project with Karen Wood and Ben Lycett

Preparing to be installed as an artist project on TILO.  “brings together cutting-edge neuro-technology with contemporary dance performance, ”

Visitors will be encouraged to pick up a sensor bar this will prompt the screens to display the artwork, which is affected by the heartrate picked up by the sensor.

Tilo is fully operational !!

The development phases is now over, we will be monitoring and tweaking and probably optimising the code to increase its robustness and reliability. 

We have 90% of the functionality we originally scoped out and quite a bit of additional functionality that has been added along the way. 

We have three artist projects confirmed for the next couple of months and another artist is using the system as a basis for a proposal. The ease with which these projects integrate, will be a good test for us. And its not just from a technology perspective, Opening up a cultural venues public spaces to mini interactive art projects has added a political dimension to the project as it involves getting approval from marketing, estates, research and artistic staff.

We have put together a pamphlet that gives an overview of Tilo