How emotion tracking can help brands create marketing that resonates

Ocean Outdoor’s digital display in Birmingham can monitor passers-by

“Catherine Morgan, head of creative solutions at Ocean Outdoor, says the technology is 98% accurate on gender and between 85% and 90% accurate on age groups. Advertisers can then set a threshold to say they only want their ad shown if the audience is 60% female or 40% over the age of 30.”

shop with me


ShopWithMe transforms showrooming into an advantage for brick-and-mortar retailers.

We’ve re-imagined what a POS can be by putting the shopper experience at the forefront. Current POS systems, even the new tablet POS companies, focus almost exclusively on interaction with the store associate. ShopWithMe creates an entirely new experience for the shopper, enabling shoppers to touch physical goods in­-store while browsing and easily ordering related or out­-of-­stock products that get shipped to their home.

A Spanish theater company is offering fair-trade entertainment by monitoring its patrons’ smiles

Teatreneu, an independent comedy theater company in Barcelona, recently started performances of a new show with an innovative tech twist: the company offered to charge audience members according to how much they laughed during the performance, attempting to make each person’s admission price relative to the value they received.