What is the benefit of being a member of the TILO network?

The basic principle behind developing this system is that public spaces in venues across the sector are very similar. The ticket office, shop, bar and cafe in Art galleries, Museums and theatres etc follow a similar pattern and what works for one is applicable for all. As a network, members share and influence projects created across all the content mixes supported by TILO (interactive media artworks, personalised visitor experiences, loyalty schemes, social media links, community initiatives, Big data hookups, projects for children and the elderly). TILO is also not for profit, so every pound invested into the network supports shared projects and gives a multiple return on investment.

How much does it cost?

We are in the process of finalising our cost model. However it is based around three specific areas and the size and complexity of the requirements.
INSTALL: We don’t supply the hardware but as a rough guide to install four 47 inch ultra thin bezel commercial screens and an basic configuration design and install of the TILO software would be £13,000
SUPPORT: A support, licence and maintenance fee of £1000 per year
NETWORK(optional) Being part of the TILO content network, between £2,000 and £10,000 per year

Are your research findings and reports available?

We are currently collating our research and will add a section including downloads detailing our approach and findings

Do you sell screens and other hardware?

No we don’t sell screens, we have a preferred partner and we do offer guidance on rough costs.
Tilo does rely on some basic computer hardware and we have a specification for that. We also recommend a basic list of hardware cameras and Kinect style cameras that some of the more interactive content uses.

We already have screens can TILO Work with these?

Tilo is primarily a software platform. If you already have existing screen infrastructure then TILO should be able to easily run on your current hardware.

You mention “Artists” machines, how do these work?

This is one of the most powerful yet simplest strengths of TILO. Its ability to take an hdmi input from any device, (raspberry pi, Linux machine, PC or MAC and take control of how and when the content is displayed on the TILO controlled screens. This makes it easy for TILO to schedule complex media artworks or adhoc events using visitor’s equipment.

How many artist layers can TILO Support?

A basic setup can support 3 simultaneous artist computers. Additional hardware should allow this number to increase. This means you can automatically schedule when these machines appear on the screen, or have them controlled by external triggers or events