It was important that Tilo could be used to curate complex media artworks and one of the unique and innovative features developed, was the ability of TILO to take control of the display of other computers by simply plugging a video cable from a windows PC, Mac or even a Raspberry pi (a credit card-sized computer popular with the hacker and maker community) into inputs on a Tilo computer.

An example would be, a media artist could walk into a venue with their own specialist equipment (computer and cameras and/or other sensors) and very quickly have their work displayed and controlled in a variety of ways. The Tilo content management system can schedule the work to be shown on specific dates and times or even display the work based on triggers, for instance if a visitor presses a button, clicks on a website, raises a hand or even if it rains.


  • Agile way to showcase artworks outside of normal process
  • Support adhoc events within a venue
  • Creates a new curated art space
  • Curate multiple complex media artworks
  • Completely separated from core TILO functionality
  • Powerful interactivity
  • Extend exhibitions into public spaces
  • Schedule by day and time or via external triggers or events
  • Integrated into the “If this then that” platform” IFTTT