Easily hook into online and physical data. Tilo has an API, that makes it a simple process to connect with physical sensors and external data sources. Tilo can also re-present data collected from audiences interactions. It also uses industry standard security protocols to connect with visitors social networks.

We use live local weather data from the BBC combined with hardware temperature and humidity sensors on the “internet of things” ninja block platform. This data is then combined with the time, date, sunset and evening to create keywords that are in turn used to query a curated list of flickr groups to bring back contextual images to form a simple animated visualisation. On paper, this all sounded boringly complicated but the end result is a surprisingly mesmerising and during sunsets even a little romantic.


  • DATA API enables easy hook ups to external events
  • Enables artists to explore creative visualisations of live data
  • Hook into local Big Data streams
  • Screens content triggered by hardware sensors (temperature, switches, etc..)
  • Socket server allows for real-time triggers
  • Data driven content is ever changing
  • Explore data driven ways to showcase collections