Our research found that the public spaces (cafe, bar, shop, waiting spaces) in cutural venues utilised very little innovation and that these spaces presented a valuable opportunity to interact with visitors. Tilo explores the use of digital innovation designed to animate, engage and inform visitors in these spaces. The system is based around a core of Tilo player/s (computers) that display various content types on large digital screens in a venue and that are scheduled and managed from a central cloud server and content management system.

What makes the system hybrid is it’s ability to integrate with external data and hardware at various levels of sophistication. It was designed from the ground up to program complex media artworks, hacker experiments and hook ups to external data streams from either web feeds or hardware sensors.


  • Culture first perspective
  • Animate public spaces
  • Shared investment
  • A space to test digital innovation
  • Agile way to curate and complement your core cultural offering in public areas
  • Creative use of local open data
  • Valuable analytics on visitors
  • Ability to curate complex media artworks
  • Cloud management
  • Showcase hidden collections
  • Simple and flexible
  • Works on legacy screen infrastructure