TILO has a comprehensive CMS making it easy to edit data and create new content. We’ve worked hard to strip away the complexity, phrases such as “click and drag” and “plug and play” are at the heart of the TILO user experience.

Guest Artists can jump on to the TILO platform with no specialised training, by simply providing a HDMI output from their installation they can be up and running on your screens in a matter of minutes. New content can be scheduled using the intuitive CMS, or for the more adventurous it can triggered using any combination of hardware or software that can make an OAuth request.


  • Built upon Scala, the most trusted and secure Digital Signage Platform in the industry.
  • Provides an intuitive Web based CMS (also compatible with Mobile Browsers).
  • Handles many digital media formats, easily uploaded and managed through our Web interface.
  • Provides a secure API. Protected with OAuth, venues can manage and distribute their own OAuth Tokens.
  • Uses a simple HDMI interface to integrate external third party content. No software or platform restrictions.
  • Allows curators to re-use templates by adapting the Data Source on demand, even to point to external resources.
  • Venues can create and upload their own content and templates using HTML5 or Flash. No bespoke software or training required.
  • Content can be scheduled through the CMS, or overridden using the Triggers interface.